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UCR iBooks Guide

UCR Publications
for the iPad

Now you can read UCR Publications anywhere, anytime, from your iPad.

UC Riverside has begun adding its popular publications, such as Living the Promise and UCR Magazine, to the Apple iBookstore. This guide will show how you can download and view these publications on your device. 

Available on the iBookstore

How to navigate
the magazine

Section Menu Thumbnail View

How to Navigate Your Magazine

When you open the magazine for the first time, it will bring you to the Section Menu Thumbnail View. From here you can swipe to see other sections, or tap on a page to start.

Swipe Between Sections

At the bottom of the screen there is a bar with white dots that represent all the available sections for the magazine. The dot with an outside box is the current section.

Swipe sideways left/right or right/left to navigate through all sections.

Section Menu Thumbnail View

Scroll Thumbnails

While in the Sections Navigation, you'll see thumbnail previews of all the pages at the bottom of the screen. Just tap one to open that page.

Section Menu Thumbnail View

Swipe to Read a Story

Read stories by swiping right/left.

Going Back to Thumbnail View

To go back to the thumbnail navigation, pinch with two fingers anywhere on your screen. The page will minimize and go back to the bottom of the screen. Now you'll have access to all the pages from that section.

Section Menu Thumbnail View

Tap to Show iPad Top Navigation

Tap anywhere on the screen to quickly access the iPad top navigation. From here you can go back to your library, see the table of contents, and add your notes.

Add a Bookmark

To the right of the navigation bar, you can find the bookmark icon. Click the icon to bookmark the page. To see all your bookmarks, just click again on the icon and a pop down list will appear.

To make the navigations tool dissapear, tap anywhere on the screen.

Section Menu Thumbnail View

Read the Magazine in Portrait Mode

You can read the magazine in portrait mode just by turning your iPad.

Your book's appearance changes based on the orientation. In portrait orientation, some graphics do not appear, or they might appear on the side rather than within the text flow.

To read the articles swipe up and down.

Pinch anywhere on the screen to open theTable of Contents.

UCR Publications for your iPad available at the iBook store.

 Living the Promise

Discover the many ways UCR researchers are revolutionizing your world. View Living the Promise on the iBook Store.

 UCR Magazine, Spring 2012

UCR’s research on data mining is being used in advertising, genetics and virtually every discipline to uncover trends. View the UCR Magazine on the iBook store.

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